Role to Hit 50 – Epilogue

  Welcome to the final session of our Tomb of Annihilation Adventure! We’ve defeated Acaereak, destroyed the soul monger, but the price was high, and now Rho’zie and Amber, alone in the tomb, need to return to Port Nyanzaru. Did they complete their quest in time to resurrect their Patron Syndra Silvane? Can Garrak the statue be returned to life? What can be done with Jasper the Bag of dust? And how much trouble will Chin’thay be in if he can be brought back from annihilation?

We’ll be back shortly, when we begin our next campaign Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, with all new characters to explore the City of Wonders! In the meantime we’ll not leave you without some RPG fun!

We’ll be uploading a bonus session of Tales from The Lancashire Loop – The Bhargast.  

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